Malouf, David: Remembering Babylon

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A searing and magnificent picture of Australia at the moment of its foundation, with early settlers staking out their small patch of land and terrified by the harsh and alien continent. Focussing on the hostility between the early British inhabitants and the native Aborigines. Remembering Bablyon tells the tragic and compelling story of a boy who finds himself caught between the two worlds. Shot through with humour, and written with the poetic intensity that characterised Malouf's An Imaginary Life, this is a novel of epic scope yet it is simple, compassionate and universal: a classic.

ISBN-13 9780099302421
ISBN-10 009930242X
Medium Taschenbuch
Einband Kartoniert / Broschiert
Autor Malouf, David
Verlag Random House UK Ltd
Imprint Vintage Books
Originalsprache Englisch
Sprache Englisch
Schlagworte Australien
Australische Belletristik
Historischer Roman
Englische Bücher
Rubrik Belletristik
Romane, Erzählungen
Seiten 200
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Gewicht 140 gr
Format Taschenbuch
Category 171228