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Invent and Wander

The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos, With an Introduction by Walter Isaacson - 250 - 17481740

Buch von Jeff Bezos und Walter Isaacson

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Bezos, Jeff
Isaacson, Walter
Ingram Publisher Services
509 gr
In Jeff Bezos's own words, the core principles and philosophy that have guided him in creating, building, and leading am*z** and Blue Origin.

In this collection of Jeff Bezos's writings--his unique and strikingly original annual shareholder letters, plus numerous speeches and interviews that provide insight into his background, his work, and the evolution of his ideas--you'll gain an insider's view of the why and how of his success. Spanning a range of topics across business and public policy, from innovation and customer obsession to climate change and outer space, this book provides a rare glimpse into how Bezos thinks about the world and where the future might take us.

Written in a direct, down-to-earth style, Invent and Wander offers readers a master class in business values, strategy, and execution:

The importance of a Day 1 mindset
Why "it's all about the long term"
What it really means to be customer obsessed
How to start new businesses and create significant organic growth in an already successful company
Why culture is an imperative
How a willingness to fail is closely connected to innovation
What the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us
Each insight offers new ways of thinking through today's challenges--and more importantly, tomorrow's--and the never-ending urgency of striving ahead, never resting on one's laurels. Everyone from CEOs of the Fortune 100 to entrepreneurs just setting up shop to the millions who use am*z**'s products and services in their homes or businesses will come to understand the principles that have driven the success of one of the most important innovators of our time.
Information zum Autor
About Contributors Jeff Bezos and Walter Isaacson:
This book is a collection of writings and public statements by Jeff Bezos , founder and CEO of am*z**. Bezos is also the founder of aerospace company Blue Origin, which is working to lower the cost and increase the safety of spaceflight, and he is owner of the Washington Post . In 2018, he founded the Bezos Day One Fund, which focuses on funding non-profits that help homeless families, and on creating a network of tier-one preschools in low-income communities. Bezos graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University in 1986, and was named TIME Magazine's Person of the Year in 1999. Walter Isaacson is the author of several books, including The Innovators and Leonardo da Vinci .
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