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Process Mining in Action

Principles, Use Cases and Outlook - 80 - 12149445

Buch von Lars Reinkemeyer

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Im Sortiment seit:
1. Auflage von 1920
1st ed. 2020
Reinkemeyer, Lars
Springer International Publishing
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This book describes process mining use cases and business impact along the value chain, from corporate to local applications, representing the state of the art in domain know-how. Providing a set of industrial case studies and best practices, it complements academic publications on the topic. Further the book reveals the challenges and failures in order to offer readers practical insights and guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls and ensure successful operational deployment.
The book is divided into three parts: Part I provides an introduction to the topic from fundamental principles to key success factors, and an overview of operational use cases. As a holistic description of process mining in a business environment, this part is particularly useful for readers not yet familiar with the topic. Part II presents detailed use cases written by contributors from a variety of functions and industries. Lastly, Part III provides a brief overview of the future of process mining, both from academic and operational perspectives.
Based on a solid academic foundation, process mining has received increasing interest from operational businesses, with many companies already reaping the benefits. As the first book to present an overview of successful industrial applications, it is of particular interest to professionals who want to learn more about the possibilities and opportunities this new technology offers. It is also a valuable resource for researchers looking for empirical results when considering requirements for enhancements and further developments.
First book to present an overview of successful industrial experiences of process mining Operational experts describe use cases and business impact along the whole value chain Discusses the challenges, lessons learned and failures in order to provide guidance on how to avoid pitfalls and ensure successful operational deployment
Information zum Autor
Lars Reinkemeyer is a visiting scholar at the University of California, Santa Barbara and senior executive of Siemens AG. Since 2014 he leveraged Process Mining technology in close collaboration with Siemens' functional departments like sales, logistics, procurement, accounting and has established a global community in excess of 6.000 active users around the world, supporting the company's digital transformation. As head of the Global Process Mining Services at Siemens Corporate IT he has built a team of experts located in Germany, Portugal and India providing cross-functional Process Mining services.
Lars Reinkemeyer joined Siemens AG in 1994, right after he earned a Master degree in Business Administration and a PhD from the University of Cologne, from which he graduated summa cum laude. He joined Siemens as Product- and Regional Manager and was delegated to Siemens Australia as International Account Manager in 1996. In 1998, he signed on as General Manager at Oztrak Europe GmbH, gaining some hands-on start-up experiences. In 2000, he joined Atoss Software AG as a Director of International Sales. Dr. Reinkemeyer rejoined Siemens AG in 2001, where he held various international leadership positions in strategy, compliance and IT. He is a guest speaker at Stanford Graduate School of Business and regular speaker on international conferences.
Part I Principles and Value of Process Mining.- 1 Process Mining in a Nutshell.- 2 How to get Started.- 3 Purpose: Identifying the right Use Cases.- 4 People: The Human Factor.- 5 Processtraces: Technology.- 6 Challenges, Pitfalls and Failures.- 7 Process Mining, RPA, BPM and DTO.- 8 Key Learnings.- Part II Best Practice Use Cases.- 9 Siemens: Driving global change with the Digital Fit Rate in Order2Cash.- 10 Uber: Process Mining to optimize Customer experience and Business performance.- 11 BMW: Process Mining @ Production.- 12 Siemens: Process Mining for operational efficiency in Purchase2Pay.- 13 athenahealth: Process Mining for Service Integrity in Healthcare.- 14 EDP Comercial: Sales and Service Digitization.- 15 ABB: From Mining Processes towards Driving Processes.- 16 Bosch: Process Mining - a Corporate Consulting Perspective.- 17 Schukat: Process Mining enables Schukat electronic to reinvent itself.- 18 Siemens Healthineers: Process Mining as Innovation Driver in Product Management.- 19 Bayer: Process Mining supports Digital Transformation in Internal Audit.- 20 Telekom: Process Mining in Shared Services.- Part III Outlook: Future of Process Mining.- 21 Academic View: Development of the Process Mining Discipline.- 22 Business View: Towards a Digital Enabled Organization.