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Global Order or Global Disorder Vol. 2

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Second half of XX century and beginning of XXI century is marked by a boom of such transnational problems that never existed in history of Humankind. In my early works I had suggested general recommendations on some problems, but after the September 11 I did it deeper. As outcome from such situation, decisive role belongs to the Philosophy of Dialectics, transforming by me into Dialectical Jurisprudence, which will envelope study and comparison of Legal Order and Positive Law, evaluating a Synergetic and Mathematical Models of their mutual transformation, spiral and sustainable development in direction of conflicts prevention. Substantial Scientific Problems of Humankind are at the junction of Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology and Jurisprudence. Such tendency produces a necessity to introduce a notion 'Rule of Human Rights Law' in theory and practice. The book is intended for the Scientists and anyone interested in issues of Globalization, Justice, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Cooperation of Humanitarian and Natural Sciences.
Information zum Autor
Bidzina Savaneli (24.10. 38), Dr. Ph. Dr. Professor of Priesthood Academy, teaches Legal Methods, Human Rights, Philosophy of Law, Sociology of Law. Published: Manuals 4, Monographs 5, and Articles 70. Reviews 4. Bidzina Savaneli is recognized as authority of the philosophy of law and founder of international human rights education in Georgia.