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Communicating in Digital Age Corporations

Buch von Anna Danielewicz-Betz

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The distinctive point of the book is its innovative interdisciplinary approach to business communication, with interconnections between linguistics, sociology, and critical organisational studies as applied to the corporate world. It offers a first-hand insight into primary business discourse with a deeper understanding and analysis of business processes and mechanisms underlying and reflected in enterprise software-mediated communication. It answers the question what 'doing business' in the digital age is about and illustrates 'business discourse' from practitioners' point of view.
Grounded in the analysis of empirical data, pertaining both to internal and external business communication, the author reflects on the reality of accelerated and pressurised communication in global IT corporations. Following a communication-centred approach, this monograph puts the topic of enterprise software-mediated business discourse into a multi-layered perspective of how global corporations operate, what their primary goals are, and what kind of (political) power they execute. Moreover, it demonstrates how profit-driven corporations can be viewed and interpreted as strategically acting systems within a specific sociological framework.
Bridges the gap in interdisciplinary analysis of digital business communication to reflect on the reality of (non-)communication in global hierarchical corporations Demonstrates the complexity and crucial business relevance of internal and external communication tools Focuses on larger, established global companies facing world-wide competition and exhibiting strict profit-driven executive control Answers the question what 'doing business' is about and defines 'business discourse' from practitioners' point of view
Information zum Autor
Anna Danielewicz-Betz is business English lecturer at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. She has worked internationally throughout her career for institutions such as Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, and recently as associate professor at the Centre for Language Research, University of Aizu, Japan. Her research interests include business/corporate communication, socio-pragmatics, interdisciplinary studies (e.g. forensic linguistics) and internationalisation of higher education. She also is an experienced business consultant and trainer offering customised in-house business English courses and coaching services for multinational companies.
- Chapter 1: Key concepts: an overview.- Chapter 2: Enterprise software or tools: terminology and communication processes.- Chapter 3: A sociological perspective on corporations and tool-mediated business communication.- Chapter 4: Empirical data analysis: the email corpus.- Chapter 5: External corporate communication: Quarterly earnings conference calls.- Chapter 6: Final reflections: patterns of communication in digital age corporations.