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Horticulture: Plants for People and Places, Volume 1

Production Horticulture - 0 - 1931447

Buch von Geoffrey R. Dixon und David E. Aldous

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This Trilogy explains "What is Horticulture?". Volume one of Horticulture: Plants for People and Places describes in considerable depth the science, management and technology which underpins the continuous production of fresh and processed horticultural produce. Firstly, there is a consideration of technological innovation derived from basic scientific discoveries which has given rise to entirely new industries, markets, novel crops and changed social habits. Then follows accounts of the modern production of: Field Vegetables, Temperate Fruit, Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Plantation Crops, Berry Crops, Viticulture, Protected Crops, Flower Crops, New Crops, Post-harvest Handling, Supply Chain Management and the Environmental Impact of Production. Each chapter is written by acknowledged world experts. Never before has such an array of plentiful, high quality fresh fruit, vegetables and ornamentals been available year-round in the World's retail markets. Horticulture gives consumers this gift of nutritious, high quality, safe and diverse fresh foods. This is achieved by manipulating plant growth, reproduction and postharvest husbandry. The multi-billion dollar international industry achieving this is Production Horticulture the subject of this informative book.
Comprehensive coverage of unique topics - no previous book has contained this amount of information covering the entire spectrum of horticulture and horticultural science from crop production through environmental contexts to social impacts and welfare benefits International authority - all the authors contributing to this trilogy are internationally acclaimed authorities each bringing vast accumulated knowledge and expertise Clear, concise and well illustrated text - each author has provided a clear, detailed but concise analysis of their field of expertise amply interpreted and illustrated for ease of reading and understanding
1. Introduction; David E. Aldous and Geoffrey R. Dixon
2. Science Drives Horticulture's Progress and Profit; Geoffrey R. Dixon, Ian J. Warrington, Rod Drew and Gerhard Buck-Sorlin
3. Vegetable Crops: Linking Production, Breeding and Marketing; Daniel I. Leskovar, Kevin M. Crosby, Marco A. Palma and Menahem Edelstein
4. Temperate Fruit Species; Guglielmo Costa and Angelo Ramina
5. Tropical and Subtropical Fruits; Victor Galán Saúco, M. Herrero and J.I. Hormaz
6. Citrus Production; Manuel Agustí, Carlos Mesejo, Carmina Reig and Amparo Martínez-Fuentes
7. Viticulture and Wine Science; Yann Guisard, John Blackman, Andrew Clark, Bruno Holzapfel, Andrew Rawson, Suzy Rogiers, Leigh Schmidtke, Jason Smith, and Christopher Steel
8. Plantation Crops; Yan Diczbalis, Jeff Daniells, Smilja Lambert and Chris Searle
9. Berry Crops; Rex M. Brennan, Peter D.S. Caligari, John R. Clark , Pedro N. Brás de Oliveira, Chad E. Finn, Jim F. Hancock , Dorota Jarret, Gustavo A. Lobos, Scott Raffle and David Simpson
10. Protected Crops; Nazim Gruda and Josef Tanny
11. The Role of Ornamentals in Human Life; Jaap M. van Tuyl, Paul Arens, William B. Miller and Neil O. Anderson
12. New Ornamental Plants for Horticulture; Kevin Seaton, Andreas Bettin and Heiner Grüneberg
13. Postharvest Care and the Treatment of Fruits and Vegetables; Peter M.A. Toivonen, Elizabeth J. Mitcham and Leon A. Terry
14. Designing New Supply Chain Networks: Tomato and Mango Case Studies; Jack G.A.J. van der Vorst, Rob E. Schouten, Pieternel A. Luning, and Olaf van Kooten
15. Environmental Impact of Production Horticulture; Henry Wainwright, Charlotte Jordan and Harry Day