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The Dream of the Celt

Taschenbuch von Mario Vargas Llosa

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Der Traum des Kelten
Vargas Llosa, Mario
Faber And Faber Ltd.
Romane, Erzählungen
282 gr
In an epic and moving novel spanning three continents, one of the world's greatest writers re-imagines the life of Roger Casement, the most controversial hero of Irish nationalism. Including unforgettable scenes of horror in Africa and the Amazon, this is a profound meditation on the costs of empire and on individual moral responsibilty.
In an epic and moving novel spanning three continents, one of the world's greatest writers re-imagines the life of Roger Casement, the most controversial hero of Irish nationalism.
Information zum Autor
Mario Vargas Llosa has established a reputation as one of Latin America's most important authors. He was born in Peru in 1936 and educated at university in Lima. Always politically outspoken, from 1976 to 1979 Vargas Llosa served as President of PEN adn in 1983 presided over the commission which investigated the deaths of eight journalists killed during the Belaunde Government's campaign against the Maoist guerrilla movement. Having once declined the Prime Ministership of Peru in 1984, he was a candidate in the 1990 Presidential elections. In 2010 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Mario Vargas Llosa's semi-fictionalised account of Casement's life portrays a heroic, if ultimately tragic champion of oppressed peoples ... Absorbing. Sunday Telegraph A novel by the Nobel prizewinner Mario Vargas Llosa might seem ripe for cult status, when it's subject is the life of Roger Casement. The Times A good and plausible account of Casement's humanity, which is the business of the novelist, and his tortured sexuality and religious sensibility, ditto ... This is a moving account, a sympathetic and magnanimous telling of the story. Evening Standard Extraordinary historical novel ... Ingenious ... Vargas Llosa's literary realism seems so natural, with no lyrical outbursts, no pointless cleverness. His research is meticulous, whether through travel or through libraries. But it is always embodied in polt and character ... This stimulating biographical novel, written with fiction's best freedoms. Independent Gripping ... Vargas Llosa tells is with panache ... There is much to enjoy in this novel. FT The Dream of the Celt is ultimately a eulogy to those who dare to dream a better world, beyond the bounds of political, social and cultural commodification ... for a writer disturbed by a lack of ethical concern in our contemporary world, [the Dream of the Celt] permits a romantic exploration of Casement as a tragic hero who, despite his own evident failures, dared to dream. The Irish Times The novel builds toward an inevitable but still genuinely-heartrending climax ... This is a story that adheres as faithfully as possible to the known facts, but is essentially and necessarily re-imagined. And in raising questions regarding the selective and skewed viewpoints of history, and why we struggle to accept the flaws and contradictions in those we hold as heroic, it brings us close to a particular kind of truth, a sense of who and what a flawed hero might have been. Irish Examiner Vargas Llosa's vast and intriguing novel about Casement ... This epic and often poetic novel delivers powerfully, giving a more rounded and authentic sense of one person's inner life and complexities than many biographies. -- Giles Foden Guardian The author skilfully sketches the sadness and isolation of a homosexual man in the early 20th century ... Vargas Llosa seeks to fill the gaps in our understanding, to bring to likfe this man of contradictions ... the historical elements are comprehensive and impressive. Sunday Business Post The Dream of the Celt is a meticulously researched ficitonal biography and a clever physchological novel ... The author skillfully interweaves scenes in Pentonville prison with details of Casement's earlier life to trace the evolution of Casement's conciousness. The Dream of the Celt is a moral tale. It is about the choice between denial or denunciation in the face of evil, and the fine line between activism and fanaticism. That makes an old story strikingly contemporary. Economist