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The Luxury Strategy

Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands - 120 - 799776

Buch von Jean-Noël Kapferer

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Im Sortiment seit:
2. Auflage von 2012
2nd edition
Kapferer, Jean-Noël
Kogan Page
Werbung, Marketing
777 gr
The Luxury Strategy has established itself as the definitive work that sets the record straight on the essence of a luxury strategy. It puts an end to the prevailing conceptual and managerial confusion, and explains the fundamental differences between "premium", "fashion", and "luxury" strategies. Based on an analysis of the social functions of luxury, worldwide best practices (beyond the traditional sectors of luxury) and first hand direct experience, it sets out the constraining and often paradoxical rules for success, such as turning marketing rules upside down. The second, completely revised and updated edition of this classic text explores the diversity of meanings of "luxury" across different markets as well as the impact of social networks and digital developments on the luxury strategy. Written by two world experts on the subject, it provides the first rigorous blueprint for the effective management of luxury brands and companies at the highest level, including human resources and financial management. It rationalizes those business models that have achieved profitability and unveils the original methods that were used to transform small family businesses such as Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel, Armani, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren into profitable global brands.

The Luxury Strategy will help you to gain a thorough understanding of the unique rules for successful luxury brand management. But more than this, it describes how any organization, from any sector, can learn from luxury and differentiate itself in the long term, even in the business-to-business environment.
Includes coverage of human resources and financial management in the luxury space
Information zum Autor
Jean-Noël Kapferer is an expert on brand management. His book The New Strategic Brand Management is a key reference work for MBA programs worldwide. He holds the Pernod-Ricard Chair on Prestige and Luxury Management at HEC Paris. Also a consultant, he is a member of the board of a major luxury brand, and he frequently gives executive seminars on luxury in China, the US, Japan, Korea and India.

Vincent Bastien is one of the most experienced senior managers in the luxury business. Formerly MD of Louis Vuitton Malletier and CEO of Yves Saint Laurent Parfums, he has held senior posts at some of the world's most respected luxury brands. He is now Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris, where he teaches Strategy in Luxury.
Section - ONE: Back to luxury fundamentals; Chapter - 01: In the beginning there was luxury; Chapter - 02: The end of a confusion: premium is not luxury; Chapter - 03: Anti-laws of marketing; Chapter - 04: Facets of luxury today; Section - TWO: Luxury brands need specific management; Chapter - 05: Customer attitudes vis-à-vis luxury; Chapter - 06: Developing brand equity; Chapter - 07: Luxury brand stretching; Chapter - 08: Qualifying a product or service as luxury; Chapter - 09: Pricing luxury; Chapter - 10: Distribution and the internet dilemma; Chapter - 11: Communicating luxury; Chapter - 12: Financial and HR management of a luxury company; Section - THREE: Strategic perspectives; Chapter - 13: Luxury business models; Chapter - 14: Entering luxury and leaving it; Chapter - 15: Learning from luxury; Chapter - 16: Luxury and sustainable development: convergences and divergences
Praise for the previous edition: "[A]ctionable information and advice. If you market luxury products, or want to, "The Luxury Strategy" should be on your bookshelf." -- Roger Dooley, Neurosciencemarketing.com"[H]ighly recommended for any basic business collection" -- Midwest Book Review
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