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Water and Food Security in Central Asia

Buch von Chandra Madramootoo und Victor Dukhovny

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Central Asia is vulnerable to water scarcity because it is located in semiarid and arid vegetation zones and large parts of its economy depend on water for irrigation and energy. Climate-change scenarios predict temperature increases and a rising number of extreme weather events, which will exacerbate water shortages in the future. In addition, the population of Central Asia is growing more rapidly than the rate of food production which is resulting in food insecurity in many parts of the region too.
This volume reports the deliberations of politicians, scientists and representatives of water management organizations from throughout Central Asia. Their contributions not only highlight areas of concern, but also propose numerous ideas for improving the long-term water- and food security in the region.
Gives good examples of transboundary collaboration in Central Asia and achievements of consensus Examples could be used to promote conflict resolution for river basin management of 5 neighbouring countries Perspective on guarantee of food security in annual water scarcity and in completion with hydropower production
Preface.- Water and Food Security in Central Asia; V.A. Dukovny, G.V. Stulina.- Global Challenges in Water Management: The Canadian Context; Ch. Madramootoo et al.- Integrated Water Resources Management; V. Sokolov.- Food Security and the Improvement of Water Use Efficiency; S. Yokubzod.- Security and Water Resources Management Problems and Experience in the Amudarya River Basin; Yu. Khudayberganov.- Threats to Water Security in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Transboundary Context and Possible Ways to Eliminate Them; A.D. Ryabtsev.- The Role of Land Reclamation in the Socio-economic Progress in Uzbekistan and Government Support Policies of Water Management; Sh.R. Khamraev.- Experience of Coordinated Water Resources Use of the Syrdarya River Basin States; M.Kh. Khamidov.- IWRM Results in South Kyrgyzstan in Terms of Water Productivity Improvement; B.T. Koshmatov.- Assessment of the Efficiency of «IWRM - Fergana» Project's Impact in the Republic of Uzbekistan; S.A. Nerozin.- Issues of Capacity Building and Training in IWRM Implementation for Achieving Socio-economic Stability through Higher Productivities of Water and Land Use in the Region; P. Umarov.- Scenarios of Future Development in the Aral Sea Basin; A. Sorokin.- Food Security: Quantity and Quality Matters for Eating good bread in Uzbekistan; K. Kienzler et al.- Water Resources: The Basis for the Socio-economic Development in the Lower Reaches of the Amudarya: A Case Study of Karakalpakstan; E. Kurbanbaev et al.- Experience in Controlling Structures of Volzhski-Kamsk Cascade of Reservoirs and Issues of Socio-economic and Environmental Stability in the Volga Region; S. YeBednaruk.- Alternative Sources of Water Supply to Minor Water Consumers in the Deserts of Central Asia; A.G. Babaev.- SCADA - Instrument for increasing Water Productivity; I. Begimov.- Cantral Asia Regional Water Information Base - CAREWIB; I.F. Beglov.- Steady Management of Transboundary Drainage Water; M. Akmammedov.- Hydraulic Structure Safety in the Republic of Uzbekistan; T.K. Kamalov.-
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